Vitrocsa Minimal UK


Design Features

  • 18mm mullions and 58mm deep frames which can be recessed in ceiling, wall and floor.
  • Allows large glass panels to slide with ease (up to 18m² – 6m x 3m) in a single glass pane for vertical or horizontal sliding.
  • Narrow tracks & frames bi-rail V32 (124mm), TH+ (140mm).
  • Minimal set-down from 75mm from finished floor level and includes sub-sill drain.
  • Floor tracks act as a drain. All water collected by the glass is drained through the tracks and into the built-in sub sill drain.
  • Complete range available – sliding (straight + curved), guillotine (horizontal sliding), pivot, invisible tracks and turnable corners.


  • Smooth sliding operation with roller bearings located within the floor tracks allows the glass to glide with ease. The roller bearing system is stainless steel (marine grade where required).
  • Extreme reliability and durability. Aluminium and stainless steel parts requiring minimal maintenance. Bearings are designed to clip in and out for replacing with ease.
  • Other screen options such as insect mesh, timber slats offer flexibility in function and design.
  • Motorisation is also available for all our products.


  • Tracks and frames are fully thermal broken.
  • Withstands hurricane wind loads, exceeding standard testing up to 360km/hour winds.
  • Extreme air and water resistance ideal for ocean fronts.
  • Well suited for harsh environments and extreme weather conditions
  • Glazing available in single, double and triple glazed units.


  • 100% Swiss made product.
  • Swiss designed and developed with a strong emphasis on research and development.
  • Vitrocsa Minimal are  focussed on service, quality and the successful installation of each and every project.
  • All projects are installed by our team of Swiss trained installers.
  • With so many options and possibilities, our team of architects and technicians provide inspiration and guidance, are involved at the design stage, and can comment on developed and detail design as required.