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Sliding Doors


Vitrocsa Minimal UK’s high performing sliding systems, include frameless sliding doors & sliding windows which have a slim 18mm mullion, can be specified with double or triple glazed units making it one of the highest performing products on the market, meeting all European performance standards.

(Vitrocsa Motorised Pocket Window from vitrocsa minimal uk)

Vitrocsa Minimal glazed sliding doors and sliding windows can be up to 18m2 (up to 6 metres high), sizes that cannot be achieved with most other sliding window or door systems like skyframe or keller. Importantly, even at this size the windows slide smoothly and with ease. This is achieved by using unique patented stainless steel bearings installed in the floor tracks rather than in the window pane, ensuring the window’s stability, smooth motion and easy maintenance.

The sliding doors and sliding windows can be specified with corner, side or centre openings, or sliding into a pocket. Vitrocsa Minimal UK can also supply curved sliding doors and curved sliding windows.

The minimal frame is only 58mm deep (same profile is used at head, jamb and sill) making it possible to install these windows in projects where the floor depth is restricted, unlike other systems. The track also acts as the drain.

The floor finishes site flush with the frame creating a level access compliant with Part M.



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  • Tracks + Frames

    • track options – TH+32,  TH+44,  V32
    • can be recessed within the floor, wall and ceiling
    • the slimmest tracks available (57mm wide x 58mm deep)

    Vertical Profile

    • The slimmest available at only 17mm wide
    • for high wind load requirements, mullions can be reinforced.


    • Suitable for Single, Double or Triple sliding doors and sliding windows
    • Panel size up to 18m² (3x6m) vertical or horizontal
    • Sourced in in the UK and continental europe.


    • Tracks  act as drains
    • No proprietary strip drains required.


    • Aircraft grade aluminium in natural anodised in 25 microns
    • Frames can be either anodized or powder coated
    • Suitable for extreme environments
    • vitrocsa minimal recommend IGP powder-coatings.

    Set down

    • only 75mm is required to conceal the tracks within the flooring


  • Rollers

    • stainless steel rollers within aluminium frames fitted within the tracks
    • marine s/s rollers are available for marine conditions


    • smooth, easy one finger operation


    • aluminium and stainless steel parts require minimal maintenance and can be done with ease with our removable tracks.
    • rollers are visible and accessible and can be easily cleaned.
    • extreme reliability and durability keeps maintenance to a minimum.



    • Thermally broken tracks and frames ensure highest performance ratings
    • Extremely high thermal insulation in profiles and in frames to maximise energy and cost efficiency
    • Withstands hurricane wind loads, exceeding standard testing up to 360km per hour winds.
    • Extreme air and water resistance ideal for ocean fronts
    • Well suited for harsh environments and extreme weather conditions


    • 100% Swiss made product
    • Swiss designed and developed with a strong emphasis on research and development.
    • vitrocsa minimal are  focussed on service, quality and the successful installation of each and every project.
    • All projects are installed by our team of Swiss trained installers.
    • With so many options and possibilities , our team of architects and technicians provide inspiration and guidance and can be involved at the design stage, and can comment on developed and detail design as required.

  • Motorisation

    • windows can be motorized.
    • motorization recommend with windows more than 500kgs.


    • 2-point locking (top + bottom) internal espagnolette.
    • all locks are security tested.
    • electronic and key locks are available as a special.

    Trickle Air Vent

    • Allows for a continuous flow of fresh air without a security risk.


    • Our profiles can be fitted with flyscreens so they will work the same as glass sliding panels.


    • Any material can be fitted to our profiles including timber, stone and steel panels – please see section ‘other’.


    • A simplified sliding system is available for internal use


    • A curved sliding door and sliding window is available in single and double glazed.


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