Vitrocsa embraces a simple philosophy – that less is more. Our unique windows offer an opportunity for architects and designers to create expansive, uninterrupted views, maximising the connection between inside and outside.


What sets Vitrocsa apart from other window systems is the slimness of the mullions (18mm) and the large glass panes which can be used. This is achieved by ingenious Swiss engineering whereby the roller bearings are installed in the frame rather than the window pane, ensuring that they slide smoothly and are able to be maintained.


Developed in 1993 by Swiss engineers applying precise watch technology to every component. Every detail and junction is reduced to its bare essentials in a quest for simplicity.


Brought to the UK in 2006 by the passionate team behind Paul + O Architects, Vitrocsa UK team have extensive building and knowledge which is beneficial to all their residential and commercial projects across the United Kingdom.


Extrusions and accessories are manufactured in Switzerland and assembled in our workshop in Kent. Close communication and a dedicated team ensures seamless production, transport and installation while ongoing research, development and refinement of new and existing systems ensures Vitrocsa UK remains at the cutting edge of the market.


Visit the Vitrocsa’s UK Showroom in North West London or contact us on +44 (0) 207 604 3848 to arrange a site visit so you can explore the possibilities of this unique product.